Fishing Accessories with Tackle

Here is a great little tackle box you can store in your car, or simple have a starter box for the children.


Length 11cm x Width 18.5cm x Height 3cm


Hooks:   (3 sizes)

1, about 18.64mm, 10.34mm gap

2, about 13.55mm, 7.23mm gap

3, about 11.83mm, 6.24mm gap


Swivels: (2 types) 

1, about 10.64mm, 2.22mm diameter 

2, about 8.34mm, 2.00mm diameter 


Lead Bite Clip Lead :(4 types) 

0.9g, 0.7g, 0.4g, 0.3g


Other Accessories:

Little shot  x 22pcs

Medium shot  x 15pcs

Angeles hook pin  x 2pcs yellow

Angeles hook pin  x 2pcs red

Large yellow beads  x 7pcs

Small white round bead  x 10pcs

All kinds of small circular beads x 8pcs

Karaman stick x 4pcs

Big karaman stick x 4pcs yellow

Karaman stick bead x 10pcs

Black rubber bar x 4pcs

Cotton knot x 1pcs

The elliptical gear bead x 10pcs

Red semicircle file beads x 10pcs

Box x 1pcs

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